ear candling tavistock What is Ear Candling? Thermal Auricular Therapy involves inserting a lighted candle into a client’s ear for therapeutic purposes. The candle is lit and the impurities are drawn to the surface by the airflow circulating in, around and out of the top of the candle. Gentle vibration massages the eardrum circulating the vapours inside the ear. This creates a warm circulating current of air and a slight vacuum that helps to dry up moisture from within the ear. The best known candles are those developed by the HOPI Indians. HOPI means ‘people of peace’.   Contact  01822 855331 tavistock massage ear candling ear ache tavistock Who Can Benefit from Ear Candling?  Ear candling is an extremely safe and effective treatment which can be enjoyed by most people irrespective of their age. How Can Ear Candling Help Me?  Ear Candling has been found to be beneficial for the following: Relieves sinus congestion May help to relieve the symptoms of flu Ear ache Glue ear Swollen glands Sore throats Can help with snoring conditions Frequent air travel Softens Ear wax Tavistock Massage Established 2005 Designed by D Large IT Services Ear Candling in Devon Ear Candling in Tavistock, Yelverton, Plymouth and West Devon Ear Candle - Massage - Reflexology in Tavistock An Ear Candling session last for approximately 45 mins